Our Future

Where We Are Headed

The Vision of Soul City Church is to lead a Faith-Raising Movement that transforms the soul, the city, and the world. We believe that in this next season, God is calling us to create a transformation center in the West Loop.

But this calling is about more than brick and mortar – more than just the expansion of physical space. A building is not what extends the love of God. It’s the PEOPLE who make that space their home who define what it means to be For The Love. By joining this movement, we have an opportunity to create a space with an unmistakable imprint of God’s love present in each corner. We have an opportunity to show and extend the love of God to each person we encounter and to live lives oriented around that love.

This space is not just about expansion for the sake of expansion. It’s about opening our doors wide for the community and for partnership. It’s about a 24/7 ministry hub for Chicago that extends God’s love where it’s needed most. It’s about loving our city well and being a place where people can connect, grow, and be deeply transformed by God.

We’re inviting YOU to BE a part of a movement that is For The Love.