1. What are you asking me to do?

We’re asking that you would do 3 simple things in this process.
1. ASK – Ask God how he wants to lead you towards generosity in this season.
2. BELIEVE – When you have a sense of where God is leading you we’re asking you to believe that He can provide and that He is faithful.
3. COMMIT – When you’ve heard from God, and decided in your heart what to give we ask you to commit to it with confidence.

2. How is my For The Love commitment connected to current giving to Soul City Church?

For The Love is an “over and above” commitment – this means we are challenging 100% of people who attend Soul City Church to give over and above their normal giving. For some, who have never made a financial commitment to Soul City Church, this will be Faith-Raising experience.

3. What if I have never given to Soul City Church before?

What a great question! If you have never made a financial gift to Soul City Church, For The Love is a GREAT place to start. We are asking 100% of Soul City to join this movement….and that means you! We know this is a big step and will require great faith. We are here to pray with you and resource you in any way we can to be a part of this Faith-Raising movement.

4. Can I give non-cash gifts toward For The Love?

Yes. We would welcome gifts of appreciated assets and gifts-in-kind. If you would like to talk more about this please contact us at finance@iamforthelove.com.

5. How long is my commitment?

For The Love is a 1-year commitment.

6. I am new to SCC, what is this all about?

For The Love is a Faith-Raising Movement. We are challenging all of Soul City Church, for the next year, to increase their generosity. We believe if 100% of us work together and grow together we will be able to expand our facility to accommodate our growth. This is more than bricks and mortar, it is about faith. It’s about growing our faith and increasing our trust in God to provide.

7. Where will we build?

Right here in the West Loop! Through the generosity of a few “Angel Investors” Soul City Church acquired the land adjacent to our building to the east. This is where the new building will be located. We’ll also make some necessary renovations to the existing space so the 2 will tie in together.

8. What is the total cost of construction?

The total cost to construct the new auditorium, community spaces and remodel some of the current spaces is 7 million dollars.

9. What is the square footage of the new auditorium?  How many seats?

The auditorium will have more than 800 seats, but can be configured to more than 1000 for special events.   There will be 3,700 square feet of auditorium space.

10. Will there be new spaces for my children?

Yes. The great news is that the expansion will allow us to expand all our existing ministry space and provide opportunities to do even more. Soul City Kids is outgrowing its current space and we can’t wait to create more space for kids to learn and grow on Sundays and beyond.

11. What about small group space?

Absolutely! Our new plans keep the historic vision that every space at Soul City will be flexible and will be able to be used every day of the week for all kinds of opportunities. This definitely includes more space for groups to meet throughout the week.

12. How long will it take to build?

While we can never be certain about timelines and construction details, our intention is to move into the new auditorium by the Fall of 2016 and to be completely done with construction by the Fall of 2017. We’ll continue to keep the church updated on timelines and important construction milestones.

13. Does the 7 million include the land?

No. The 7 million includes renovations and new construction.

14. Is the goal to raise the entire 7 million or will we finance?

Our goal is to raise the entire 7 million to fully cover the costs of the new space.

15. Why did SCC decide to expand in the West Loop before building other campuses around Chicago?

After a lot of prayer and discernment we felt sure that expanding beyond the West Loop was not the right decision right now. Our hope has always been to have a presence in multiple neighborhoods in Chicago and as we grow we’ll continue to explore and pray about the best way to do that in the best timing.