Mike Gibson

It’s almost too much to put into words what my time at Soul City has meant to my life.  Having been a Christian for the last 20 years, I thought I was living life “right”, not realizing that just believing in God and loving Jesus wasn’t enough.  My actions had to support my beliefs, and the message at Soul City, as well as the amazing community I found there, made that transition very clear.  God is moving in this place and changing hearts in a very tangible way.

So when ‘For The Love’ was introduced, I was ready for anything God asked of me.  That isn’t to say that it was an easy decision to give a significant amount of money. It took some serious soul searching.  The conclusion I came to was simple– someone came before me to give me the opportunity to experience God in a life changing way, and now it was my turn to come before someone else.  Simple as that. If I can give enough to provide one chair, one bible, one cup of coffee, I’ve helped open the door for someone to experience a transformational relationship with Jesus. There is no better cause.