Sindhu Joseph

I grew up in a lower middle class family, in a neighborhood where every house had burglar bars, and my school required ID badges and clear backpacks because of violence and crime. My parents worked two jobs each, and taught me how to live very frugally. Twenty years later, I’m a doctor and I’m very comfortable financially. However, because you never know when the next famine will be, money has not lost its grip on me. My husband, Naveen, helped me see that when we let go of our financial fears, God truly throws open the doors of opportunity and gives back tenfold!

We chose to give to For the Love because we really believe in the heart and the vision behind Soul City Church. At first I was scared because we were in the process of buying a house, and we were giving a large chunk of our down-payment. But after we gave, I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders. It was through that giving that I fully experienced putting my faith in Him. Not only did I experience peace and confidence that God was going to care for me, but shortly after, our current home sold at 150% of what we bought it for! We’re truly grateful for how this church community has challenged us to grow in our faith and giving.