Jeremiah & Tamara

We are both Chicago natives who studied at U of I, moved back to Chicago to start our careers and then got married. Fast-forward a few years and there we are, plus one with our son Kanon, one of our greatest blessings. We were living in Little Italy capturing all the excitement Chicago has to offer. One cool Tuesday morning, while we were taking our son Kanon to daycare, we saw a sign for Soul City Church go up. We thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have a church close by? So one Sunday I decided to stop by and to my ears enjoyment, there was Hillsong music. I love Hillsong music! I entered the building, and I know this sounds cliché, but it just felt like home. God had been talking with us about transitioning but I just did not know if it meant switching churches, changing the area I served in or what type of transition he was talking about all together. But in our family we have a creed that has kept us on pace with the will of God in and for our lives: “There is no growth without change, no change without loss, no loss without pain.” We had been prayerful and open to wherever God was leading and as I walked through the doors of Soul City, I instantly knew the answer.

From the very first day, the love and care has been so real. We have never felt more welcomed at a church and we felt Soul City genuinely wanted to get to know and pour into us. I love the worship and love being a part of the team. My wife uses her gifts in the Stewardship team. And our son Kanon loves Soul City Kids. We have seen him grow in his understanding of God and begin to move towards his own relationship with God. Life is a balancing act between managing marriage, family, work, and serving. It can be overwhelming. But Soul City continues to be a blessing in our lives which in turn positively impacts our everyday. We love that Soul City has given new life to our church experience and we are excited to make room for God to move.