Ericka Lashley

I started attending Soul City two years ago, and it changed my life in a major way. I spent the previous 19 years living at home and attending the same church with my family. In a short period everything changed. My parents and brother moved to Arizona, my older brother and sister got a new place in
the suburbs, and I moved to the city.

I recall this period of my life being a little bit lonely. Looking for community and a new church to call home, I began working through a list. Visiting new churches is awkward, but at Soul City I felt like people were interested in me for the first time. What stood out was the personal touch: people walked me to the door, helped me find a seat and provided me with the ever-growing-in-popularity Free Coffee Mug. Leaving that day I felt encouraged, but it was a few days later when I received a personal email that I decided to come back. The hand-written letter was the final straw, I would definitely be attending.

I have attended for the last two years, and my life has been turned upside down. I have been completely wrecked, and it is wonderful to be in a place like Soul City where I found people that encourage my personal and spiritual growth. My take away from my time at SC is to encourage people to take a risk. It’s scary, but every time I’ve risked, I’ve gained greatly. God invites you to do beautiful things, and you need to jump in.